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If you want to do REAL business,cut through the hype, and connect with REAL business people and not just swap 'nice' warm fuzzy posts like on other Social Media websites you have definitely landed at the right website! Our sole focus is for our members to talk, build a business relationship and close sales, as that is the purpose of a Business website...isn't it? Join us now for FREE and LetZTalkBiz. You won't be disappointed!

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Hello and welcome to LetZTalkBiz which is different to all other Social Media Platforms.We operate a  BUSINESS ONLY PLATFORM model covering a variety of business categories e.g. Direct Sales, Franchises, Inventions, Networking etc. and also decided to put a 'face' to a Social Media Platform, so you know who you are dealing with online! Check out our Video below and you will see a real person behind LetZTalkBiz.On the LetZTalkBiz Platform we pro-actively talk first, then follow/engage with members, build a business relationship, make informed decisions and focus on closing sales in a timely fashion! We are online to make money so we need to be pro-active and not just post our ads and sit back and hope our business grows! Enjoy the Platform and we look forward to talking/working with you on the inside!


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The 'Challenge' graphic, as below, can be placed up at any time with a specific 'challenge' which could be for example to introduce a new member in reward for a FREE prize to benefit their business...very simple!

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Now we are launching LetZTalkBizPRO where time is our product and you have the opportunity to be  'PAID'' for your TIME and NOT just 'GIVE' away your time for FREE.

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**STAR** Member Denny Skinnell

Denny is our **STAR** member for the month and has achieved this position through his regular activity on LetZTalkBiz. Congratulations Denny! Please check his businesses at the top and bottom of EVERY PAGE  and we highly recommend considering a business relationship with Denny...just join up for FREE and connect with Denny once you have signed in to LetZTalkBiz.

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* All businesses carry a risk. LetZTalkBiz accepts no responsibility for any home businesses advertised on this Platform and it is the member's full responsibility to undertake full due diligence before joining/paying to enter any opportunity advertised on the LetZTalkBiz Platform. It is ALWAYS necessary to spend money for products, services and marketing of your home business, just like any retail/wholesale business and this should be taken into account when considering if you want to operate a business. Failure to market or advertise will mostly see your business grow slowly or not at all and as the well known saying goes: "if you don't advertise, something terrible happens....NOTHING!!" LetZTalkBiz may indicate its own personal opinion on advertised opportunities and may participate but this is not an endorsement of of that advertised product, service or opportunity or guarantee of its quality or credibility and caution is advised . LetZTalkBiz  is an approved trademark and is a trading arm of Letzhaggle Ltd.

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T. Gerard Williams (GOLD)

For the record...Thank you Stuart for attempting something of this magnitude! This platform was potentially a game changer and unfortunately those who could used it the most did not take advantage of it. I applaud your efforts, salute your genius and regard your friendship in the highest.

Looking forward to the next adventure!!
Goodbye and Farewell to all of the good folks at LetZtalkBiz!!

by T. Gerard Williams (GOLD) at

Denny Skinnell

i'm sorry to see this go. you have put so much effort into it.
how do we keep in touch?

by Denny Skinnell at

Denny Skinnell

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Denny Skinnell

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by Denny Skinnell

Denny Skinnell

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Denny Skinnell

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LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith

Perpetual Single Powerline (PSP) is coming very soon to LetZTalkBiz and will be very exciting...this will be our own program and active members will see it first! No levels, matrices,no introductions, built in advertising,charity donations etc to name just a few of the features.....this is totally unique and the fairest and simplest program you will ever find!!

by LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith