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Hello and welcome to LetZTalkBiz . We operate a  BUSINESS ONLY PLATFORM model and are intending to cover a veritable ever-changing smorgasbord of opportunities across a variety of business categories e.g. Direct Sales, Franchises, Inventions, Networking etc. Our goal is to highlight a range of Businesses both in the Header at the top of this page and videos & banners on this page plus more inside. Businesses featured will range from a few dollars minimal risk businesses such as 'modern day' networking opportunities to several thousand dollars e.g. Franchises. Enjoy the LetZTalkBiz Platform and we look forward to talking/working with you on the inside! 


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* Copyright...LetZTalkBiz (a trading arm of Letzhaggle Ltd....November 2013.
Trademark awarded...16th December 2013

* All businesses carry a risk. LetZTalkBiz accepts no responsibility for any home businesses advertised on this Platform and it is the member's full responsibility to undertake full due diligence before joining/paying to enter any opportunity advertised on the LetZTalkBiz Platform. It is ALWAYS necessary to spend money for products, services and marketing of your home business, just like any retail/wholesale business and this should be taken into account when considering if you want to operate a business. Failure to market or advertise will mostly see your business grow slowly or not at all and as the well known saying goes: "if you don't advertise, something terrible happens....NOTHING!!" LetZTalkBiz may indicate its own personal opinion on advertised opportunities and may participate but this is not an endorsement of of that advertised product, service or opportunity or guarantee of its quality or credibility and caution is advised . LetZTalkBiz  is an approved trademark and is a trading arm of Letzhaggle Ltd.

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LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO)

Money Maker Talk, yet another new concept from LetZTalkBiz...the first publication will go out January 2015..wait until you see the magazine cover ready in 48 hours!

The great thing with this publication is that 100% of revenue will go to promotion (we make profit only from discounts we negotiate with advertising and lead companies AND our own opportunities giving incentive to get the distribution right). Space will be very affordable and the publication will transition from online to online/offline as it develops. This is very exciting for 2015! Ask us about space.

by LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO) at

Brandy Evans

http://readytoachieve.com This is the link that everyone joins at. :) The choice is your! Thought to share with you! :)

by Brandy Evans at

Brandy Evans

#Webinar for #CrazyCashClub Tonight!

The meeting is scheduled on:
Saturday, November 22, 2014
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Eastern Time)

You can visit the webinar site to find in your Time Zone.

Conference Call:
Toll Number: 323-920-0091 | Attendee Access Code: 100 5814


Find out what you have to do by going to

Lock In Your Free Spot:

Join our secret VIP Facebook group and connect with other Club members!

by Brandy Evans at

LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO)

James Mann posted a Blog three days ago on "Why join the MNO Team?"....today it is on position 4 of Page 1 of Google...even above IBO posting.

LetZTalkBiz Blogs work very well!!

by LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO) at

LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO)

We have reached 6500 business opportunity leads with Pennies4Profits and we will continue to grow at 100 per day.

We will include your Business in a once per week dedicated LetZTalkBiz mailing if you are active in Money Maker Mall with our LetZTalkBizPRO memberships.

Contact us for more information.

by LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO) at

LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO)

Hi Guys...when you put any posts here, Blogs or Events it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure you click 'publish' below the post so that you spread it through your social networks and get it better ranked on Google.

I did this last week with a posting on Money Maker Mall and LetZTalkBiz is showing on page 1 of Google for this posting.

by LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith (PRO) at