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Hello and welcome to LetZTalkBiz . We operate a  BUSINESS ONLY PLATFORM model covering a veritable ever-changing smorgasbord of opportunities across a variety of business categories e.g. Direct Sales, Franchises, Inventions, Networking etc. On the LetZTalkBiz Platform we pro-actively talk first, then follow/engage with members, build a business relationship, make informed decisions and focus on closing sales in a timely fashion! We are online to make money so at LetZTalkBiz members also should realise that to make money you need to spend money. Enjoy the LetZTalkBiz Platform and we look forward to talking/working with you on the inside!


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LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith

Become a Moderator with LetZTalkBiz. If you are online each business day and want to assist in promoting LetZTalkBiz and benefit from additional promotion etc. then please message me directly.

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Denny Skinnell

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LetZTalkBiz Administrator Stuart Smith

Big development coming....IBO and LetZTalkBiz accessible from the same page (Wow! you can keep an eye out on developments from one page only!)...but wait there's more...125x125, 468x60, 728x90 FREE rotator ads all visible on the page with order and size based on status and activity on LetZTalkBiz. Many times in business, you get businesses that hook onto the coat tails of other successful businesses.....we will be doing the same which will give our members an extra promotion boost and is aimed to attract more members. It's time to get active on LetZTalkBiz to get those prime ad positions!

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